How To Order

1.There is a small icon at the top right of the website. If you are already a user of our website, you can directly click Login to log in. If you are not a user of our website, you can click Register to register. (Register account process

After clicking login, you can also choose to log in to our website using Facebook or Google account.

2. After logging in, come to the product page you want to buy.Choose your size and the quantity you need to buy on the product page, click Buy Now after the selection is complete.

3. After clicking Buy Now, you will be redirected to this page and fill in your relevant information. If there is a discount code, you can fill in your discount code on the right to get a discount. After completing the information, click Continue to shipping.

4. After clicking Continue to shipping, you will be redirected to the Payment page, where you will add the shipping cost for purchasing this pair of shoes. Please click Continue to payment after confirming that there are no errors.

5.After clicking Continue to payment, we will enter the final payment page. We provide three payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, Paypal and Master Card And AE Card for your choice.

6.Credit/Debit Card: Select Credit/Debit Card and click'Complete order'. You will be redirected to the website, we again guarantee that this website is safe and does not charge any additional fees. After being redirected to the website, please fill in your correct information and click ‘Submit’ to complete the payment.
7.Paypal: Contact us through our contact information to complete the PayPal payment.
8.Master Card And AE Card: Choose Master Card And AE Card and fill in your correct payment information. After entering all the information, click "Complete order" to complete the payment.