Songsneakers FQA

1. How the buying process works?

     After receiving your payment, we will submit your order to the warehouse, and the warehouse staff will be responsible for taking the quality inspection map of your shoes. After you receive the quality inspection map, you need to confirm whether the shoes are satisfactory to you and deliver the goods.

     If you confirm delivery, we will provide your shoes to the logistics provider to send to your country, which usually takes some time, after the shoes arrive in your country, the local logistics service provider will pick up your shoes at customs and take care of delivery into your hands.

2. Is this a real page not a scam ?

      SONGSNEAKER is a large-scale sports shoe sales company from Putian, China, and has deep cooperative relations with LJR, OG, PK GOD, etc. And SONGSNEAKER a huge fan base, including 1000 followers on the Youtube platform and more than 20000 followers on the TikTok platform

      Youtube Channel: Song Sneaker

      TikTok Channel:    

      Instagram: @songsneakers_store                   

      Whatsapp: +86 131 2337 1232

3. Where the shoes shipped?

      From China.

4. How can i track my package once it gets shipped?

      A tracking number will be sent to you 3-5 days after the shoes are shipped to check the latest shipping status of the shoes.  Website:

5. Will the shoes be stopped by customs?

      We have a strong logistics service partner to ensure that your shoes can pass through customs. If they are really intercepted by customs, we will send you a new pair of shoes for free.

6. Do you ship to xxxx?

      Ship worldwide.

7. After-sales policy?

      (1). Quality issues:If you find that the sneakers have quality issues after receiving them, please take a picture and send the picture to our customer service. We will evaluate and make corresponding compensation.

      (2). Transport issues:If the shoes are damaged during transportation, please take a picture and send the picture to our customer service, we will evaluate and make corresponding compensation.

      (3). We do not accept the return of any items used, damaged, engraved or altered by a third party.

      (4). If you have placed an order and want to cancel it, Please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

8. How long is shipping?

9.Reasons And Solutions For Credit Card Payment Failure

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