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LJR Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement DH6927-161

LJR Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement DH6927-161



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  • Description

    Name: LJR Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement DH6927-161

    Product Description:

    Release Date: 09/09/2023

    the Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement sees a unique twist on a classic colorway with touches of fire red added throughout the silhouette. Jordan Brand didn't hold back on this release, delivering a bold statement piece for those unafraid to stand out.

    Constructed with white premium leather uppers, a mix of fire red and black is applied throughout, while the iconic mesh detailing and Jumpman logo retain their traditional placements. Sat atop a black, white, and fire red midsole, the style stays true to its roots, showcasing why the Jordan 4 model remains one of the most iconic Jordan models of all time.

    Now, Songsneakers is selling it.

    LJR refers to shoes manufactured by a foundry run by a man named Liu Jiarui in Putian. He is mainly known based on AJ and coconut style. The shoes in Liu Jiarui's factory are famous for their high quality and high similarity to the original shoes. He called the abbreviated name of the shoe "LJR version" at the factory, and some people called it "guanding", which was the highest version in his area.

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LJR Jordan 4 Retro Red Cement DH6927-161

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